Who We Are
Driven to unlock real human understanding to connect people and brands by designing powerful and engaging experiences. We operate within a clearly defined framework of living values where we are agile, pioneering, ambitious, responsible and collaborative.
Connected Agency
How We Think
Work for the greater good to spur social evolution through authentic communication with purpose-driven brands that inspire widespread change.

We always seek to give back to our clients, staff, community, and industry because we believe authentic relationships is the best marketing.
Reputation Management
What We Do
Provide high-level value to clients as a leader in small business marketing, providing solutions in website design, content creation and editing, paid advertising, social media strategy and consulting, branding, logo and brand building.
Digital Marketing

Strive Consulting & Marketing Solutions is now

Technology is expanding, the team is growing and re-branding is in process. Our dedication to your business remains at the heart of everything we do! More content and information are in the works. This is an exciting time, and we appreciate your loyalty and support!

You can trust us to handle all of your digital marketing needs with ease and expertise. We have a wide variety of experience across numerous industries.

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Healthcare Private Practice & Telehealth

Small Business & Service Industries

Race Events and Fitness Coaches

Who We Are

During my time as a Bariatric Program and Marketing Director, I focused on the complete patient journey from end to end. Including a morning patient greeting prior to surgery in the OR! I cannot tell you what their appreciation meant to me.

Starting triathlon in 2016, I fell in love with the sport of threes (swim. bike, run) so much that I began managing race events.  The highlight of an athlete’s journey culminates at the finish line, and that is where they shined! 

Seeing a need for deeper people connections in marketing and a connected focus on efficient operations, the business plan for Strive took shape and launched in 2019.

Today we are a few full-time staff professionals and a slew of freelance experts, hand-picked and vetted, to allow your marketing plan to be executed with precision, in a timely manner, and with the results you deserve!

~Sheila Crenshaw

What We Do

Performance Marketing

In the advertising world, brands have the power to fulfill consumers' needs. Only focusing on sales is outdated and ineffective. It's time to prioritize what people really want and build lasting relationships with them.
Paid Ads

Marketing Effectiveness

Tech in the marketing industry is rapidly evolving, surpassing consumers' understanding of it. To grow and succeed in this environment, it is crucial to be quick on the uptake and remain current in the industry.

Design for Next

Branding is essential for any business. Creating a strong, trustworthy, and authentic brand with a meaningful message can increase success, reach, and customer loyalty.

Optimizing Mobile First

Our company creates mobile-first websites that have great user engagement and utilize effective SEO audits and strategies. Media-led experiences can have a positive impact on people's lives.

We strive to leverage the best in talent and technology with keeping your business at the heart of everything we do.

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