A diverse skill set and leadership styles that complement and work seamlessly together are qualities that set Strive apart.

Sheila Crenshaw has 20 years of experience in healthcare retail and private practice management. This extensive background is remarkable, from corporate training leadership teams, to implementing new OR equipment protocols for new service lines to understanding retail sales team dynamics. With a marketing focus on specialty healthcare, her specific patient growth and engagement brand earned nationwide recognition from industry leaders. A need emerged for the missing connections between marketing and patient experience and outcomes. Advertising and clever social media campaigns can drive traffic, yet the ROI only reaches its full potential if the staff and operation systems are impeccably balanced with marketing messages. 

31 Strive Street was crafted to ensure Marketing and Operations align with healthcare and all B2C industries. Beginning in March 2019, Sheila switched from Bariatric Marketing and Program Director to Marketing Agency owner!

With a Greenbelt-level Lean Six Sigma certification, Harper Luedecke is the data & design guru. His leadership has taken teams for the States of Texas, Kansas, and, most recently, Meta Copywrite Oversite. Few can be right and left-brained; Harper is gifted with education and exceptional skills in graphic design! Logo branding, illustration, animation, and a passion for drawing provide the perfect mix for the Strive team. 

Our business partners include photographers, bloggers, web developers, editors, and more to ensure Strive is the leader in marketing for your business.

We Strive - For You

Triathlon, Race and Trail Running Events

At 31 Strive Street, we go above and beyond the regular standards to provide our esteemed clients with exceptional and creative solutions for their marketing needs. With a team of talent boasting extensive knowledge and proficiency in healthcare medical practice management, sales, and quality assurance, we understand the role of marketing in the success of any business.

In addition, we are proud to have a dedicated onsite Quality Analytics expert who holds a Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt Certification. This guarantees that our clients will receive top-notch operational efficiency with minimal uncertainties, critical factors contributing to a company’s success.

Our team also provides comprehensive Healthcare Marketing Consulting to improve employee engagement and productivity in your business. As we understand the correlation between marketing and operational efficiency, we offer the necessary expertise to help your business scale new heights. Our ultimate aim is to help our clients optimize their operations for superior business growth.

Choose to work with us and watch your business soar to greater heights.

Digital - Data - Design

Healthcare and Telehealth Marketing

As a new client, you’re in good hands. Our skilled team will conduct Quality Audits on your website to evaluate performance. Various methods can be used for website QA testing and competitor analysis, such as using Google Search Console and additional technology tools. They will search for actionable items, such as micro-moments, which are small but critical moments when consumers make decisions and take action. Additional examples of actionable content include personalized recommendations and relevant offers. We’ll evaluate your current SEO practices and find opportunities for you to get found on Google.

We’re experts in helping companies accelerate their customer experiences in the moments that matter, such as micro-moments and actionable content, and timing is crucial. Building a beautiful brand and web design is the cornerstone of customer experience and marketing success. Trust us to help you achieve your goals.

We’re committed to process improvement to gain customer loyalty and retention. With our focus on quality analytics, you can rest assured that every step we take aims to optimize your performance and deliver the results you need. Together, we’ll create a path to success.

Our company is thrilled to offer our client partners an unparalleled level of service through our impressive range of expertise in business management, process improvement, and marketing operations. Our team of seasoned professionals has the experience necessary to provide our clients with tailored solutions that address their specific needs, whether it be in streamlining operations, developing a winning marketing strategy or providing a comprehensive approach to business management. We pride ourselves in working closely with our clients to fully understand their unique goals and challenges, so that we can offer them customized services that meet and exceed their expectations every time. By partnering with us, our clients can benefit from our wealth of knowledge and successful track record in helping businesses of all sizes achieve long-term success and growth.

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