Operations Consulting for Healthcare Private Practice

Your healthcare private practice marketing initiatives are only as good as your patient experience.

It is essential to take a professional approach to evaluate your organization’s processes and best practices, which should involve enhancing knowledge and operational efficiency. We recommend implementing a multi-team system comprising of the Care Team and the Central Team, and acknowledging that a person skilled in data analysis and process optimization may not necessarily excel in interpersonal relationships and vice versa is essential. Adopting this approach can optimize your operations, improve patient care and satisfaction, and enhance your practice’s overall experiences.

The Care Team is responsible for direct patient care, which includes taking care of patients from intake to discharge, patient education, financial counseling, pre-testing, and follow-up.

On the other hand, the Central Team provides indirect support, including insurance verification, billing, claims, appointment preparation, creating packets, managing supplies, reporting, and vendor interaction.

Perfecting the patient experience takes objectivity, analysis, implementation, and revisiting regularly.

  • Measure service quality
  • Scheduling flexibility and practitioner availability
  • Patent education of what constitutes a “positive result.”
  • Gaining patient ownership in the plan of care
  • Delivery of patient cost and pricing transparency

As you track the patient process from intake to the plan of care, you'll gain incredible insights into how you can serve your marketing leads better.

Every step of the process is an opportunity to learn and grow. Remember, every little milestone counts, and every piece of data provides valuable information that can help you tailor your marketing strategy to align with the needs of your patients. Your office processes and staff should be fine-tuned to capitalize on the digital marketing tools you’ve spent time and money perfecting. An excellent landing page experience, click-through rate, and mobile page speed are naught if the patients’ journey is not optimized for converting new patients and keeping them for life.


  • CRM software implementation for tracking the intake process and patient follow up
  • Call recording to ensure your staff understands the phone converting process.
  • Identifying the characteristics of high-performing staff to increase team satisfaction, reduce clinical errors
  • Utilize automation from patient Apps to online forms processing.

Expand your patient base and growth potential to enhance successful patient outcomes.

Optimal loyalty and personal referrals don’t have to be a mystery. Be at the forefront of your industry or practice specialty with new solutions and patient-driven results. Identify missed opportunities to expand and ensure scalability. 


  • Adding new product revenue streams, such as a new procedure 
  • Networking with healthcare professionals for referrals and patient care collaboration
  • Collaborating with vendors via customizable brand messaging 
  • Engaging in the community through events and sponsorships
  • Providing vlogs, webinars, and subject matter expert videos 
  • Review marketplace competition

Make Accessibility a Priority.

Understanding ADA compliance for a physical location, as required under Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act, most healthcare providers have made their physical environment accessible for all members of the public, including those with disabilities. However, many are unaware that accessibility extends to digital environments, such as websites. Although laws have not been changed, courts interpret ADA standards to include website accessibility.

Private guidelines established by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) provide website accessibility compliance achievement. In addition, the Bureau of Internet Accessibility audits any accessibility issues, and we can provide remediation to ensure compliance with back-end website software and maintenance.

The following are just a few essential examples to consider;

  • Provide captions for multimedia (clickable transcripts)
  • Multi-interactivity means of navigation (voice, non-keyboard) 
  • Alternative Text for Images (SEO)
  • Use media void of physical reactivity components (vertigo) 

Leading with Experience

Are you aware of Google's recent updates on User Page Experience?

This is significant as it has the potential to either elevate or hinder your website or webpage’s performance, primarily concerning SEO rankings. As a marketer, it is essential to take note of these updates and ensure your website and webpage meet these critical requirements, providing your users with a seamless and positive browsing experience.

Consequently, your chances of ranking higher in search engine results will increase, giving your website more visibility and traffic. Thus, it is imperative to keep track of Google's User Page Experience standards and make appropriate changes to optimize your website. By doing so, you could enhance user engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty while simultaneously improving your website ranking.

So, let's stay up-to-date with the latest trends and ensure that your website is performing at its best!