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Embrace the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve! By investing in a visual website refresh and SEO update every 2-3 years, your website can maintain valuable web authority in the midst of rapidly changing search engine technology and privacy initiatives. So, don't let your website fall behind - focus on the path forward, and take this as an exciting opportunity to keep up and stand out from the competition. Remember, a fresh look and optimized SEO can help attract and engage your audience and ultimately lead to greater success. Keep pushing forward, and stay on the cutting edge of your industry!

  • On-Page SEO Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Database Integration
  • Content Management System – WordPress
  • Major Search Engine Indexing
  • Improving Backlinks
  • Site Testing
  • Content Optimization
  • Monthly Dashboard
  • Social Media Plug-In
  • Traffic Analysis

Comprehensive SEO Management

All of the above two levels, plus...

Set Up $1800 Monthly $1600

Progressive monthly optimization:(6 month commitment – Subsequent 4 months), Notification of new reviews (major review platforms), A/B Testing of SERP title & description to improve clickthrough rates.
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complete SEO audit

Audit Services Include:

Site theme and content - Site Load Time Score, Metadata, Schema Mark-Up

Competitor Analysis (3) & Keyword research (Up to 25 terms)

In depth Link audit - Broken, Dangling, Internal, Backlinks

Complete audit report upon completion of review with Future Site Strategy