Social Media Pricing

Revolutionizing the Way We Connect: The Power of Social Media

As a confident business owner, you understand the power of your brand and the unique value it brings to the market.


We are here to help you amplify that power and confidently communicate your brand story to your target audience. Our team of professional social media marketing experts has the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your brand is showcased effectively on various social media platforms, helping you reach your audience at the right time and in the right way. 


When you work with us, you can have complete confidence that your brand voice will resonate with your audience, bringing in new customers and driving business success. So, let’s work together to craft a comprehensive and impactful social media marketing strategy that showcases your brand’s strengths and sets you apart from the competition, making a lasting impact on your business.

General Social Media Consulting

Package Pricing for Consulting and Integrating Social Media Platforms

Set Up $560 | Monthly $365

2 Social Network (instructing and auditing posts on Multiple Connected Channels (FB & IG)
Auditing Branding Style Guides
Assist with the best use of hashtags, content creation, and audience targeting. Click Here

Social Media Branding Design

Encourage Brand Recognition

Social Profile Design $335 | Branding Guide $485

Complete template set up for various media, platforms.
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Social Media Audience Building

Full Engagement to Encourage Brand Recognition and Interaction for Market Growth

Set Up $635 | Monthly $1600

1 Social Networks
10 Audience Engagement Post Per Month
2 Content Curation and Creation
2 Boosted Posts Per Month
Automated Response Set-up
Dashboard Analytics
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Social Media Enhanced

Social Media Management

Set Up $900 | Monthly $2,200

2 Social Networks
20 Posts Per Month
5 Content Creation & Curation
4 Boosted Posts Per Month
Dashboard Analytics
Monthly Campaign Consult
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Social Media Blast

Social Media Management

Set Up $1500 | Monthly $3,600

3 Social Networks
30 Posts Per Month
10 Content Creation & Curation
6 Boosted Posts Per Month
Review Comments and Messaging and Alert Staff
Dashboard Analytics
Monthly Campaign Consult
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